Our Goals


Our vision is a sustainable planet with equal rights for all. We know sustainability and equity are so interlinked that you cannot have one without the other. We challenge harmful social norms by inspiring people, especially women and girls, to rewrite their own life stories. By uplifting the most affected and most likely to drive cultural change, we inspire exponential community progress toward the one goal we all share: a more equitable, flourishing world for all people and ecosystems.


Arial of wooded area and a city scape meeting each other. The dramatic contrast of nature and urban area is shocking.

Women’s Rights

Girl child sits at a school desk with a pencil in her hand ready to continue her work.

Focused on Impact

By empowering audiences, and especially women and girls, through transformative storytelling that addresses fundamental threats to global sustainability where it matters most—in human hearts and minds—we inspire entire communities to choose a healthier, more equitable, and flourishing world for all.
Boat school in Bagladesh, children in a class seated at a lesson.
Pambazuko listeners were 1.4 times more likely to say they strongly agree that “Having a small family size will have less impact on the environment.”
Listeners in Burundi were 2 times more likely than non-listeners to know where they could obtain family planning methods.
Listeners in Nepal were 3 times more likely to believe girls should be encouraged to continue their education to higher levels.
Adolescent viewers of Vencer el Miedo were 1.8 times more likely to to have used dual contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies.
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8 Billion Opportunities

The world’s population reached 8 billion people in 2022. PMC used this opportunity to draw global attention to the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

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“I have five girls. A doctor told me I would die if I continue to give birth. My husband insisted that I continue to bear children for him…In Yeken Kignit I heard how a couple ought to discuss such matters. After that, we agreed that we would have no more children and we would do our best to give proper care to those we have… Now I am taking birth control injections regularly. I have regained my health.”
– Yeken Kignit listener, Ethiopia

Healthier populations, healthier planet

In order for Earth to thrive, humans must thrive in balance with nature. Population Media Center’s transformative storytelling approach creates a chain of planet-positive impact that uplifts individuals, communities, and the environments we all share.

Our work is proven to open eyes, minds, and dialogues to advance equitable, sustainable choices for populations all over the world. We focus on high impact issues that improve lives today and build a more sustainable tomorrow.