Ecological Conservation


Healthy Population, Healthy Planet

In order for Earth to thrive, humans must thrive in balance with nature and the overexploitation of the environment must stop. Each person on Earth produces waste, and needs sufficient land, water, shelter, food, and energy — but our exponential growth and consumption is staggering.

For the last two centuries, human consumption of the planet’s resources has been doubling every 20 years. This means we are now consuming about 8,000 times as much as all of humanity consumed in 1750. These cumulative impacts have resulted in serious harm to the ecosphere. Just consider the innumerable poorly performing environmental indicators, including forest and soil loss, species extinction, and ocean and atmospheric pollution.

Our work is proven to open eyes, minds, and dialogues, and guide communities to conservation resources and practices like species protection, sustainable farming practices, and reductions in material consumption.

An Entertainment-education Approach To Supporting Ape Conservation

Acting together with the Jane Goodall Institute, PMC’s Pambazuko was designed to reach large audiences and inspire attitudes and behaviors toward conservation – with impressive results. See the article published in the Journal of Development Communications.
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