Girl child sits at a school desk with a pencil in her hand ready to continue her work.

Rights of Women & Girls


Building global sustainability for today and for tomorrow all begins with the rights of women and girls. The right to education, economic independence, and reproductive autonomy are the building blocks and must-haves for gender equality. Unfortunately, societies all around the world still hold women down in one way or another – keeping them from reaching their full potential. Flipping the script on these unfair dynamics is at the center of our work as we empower through entertainment and create a world that supports and celebrates the rights of women and girls.

Addressing the Rights of Women & Girls

Our future depends on hers

We inspire people, especially women and girls, to write their own life stories. All women should have the right to stay in school, plan a family, use contraceptives, access vital health care, and choose whom they marry. With inspirational characters and relatable storylines, our transformative radio and TV series provide women with the role models they deserve and the inspiration to advocate for themselves. From Nepal to Zambia to the United States, more women and girls are accessing their power to change their lives and communities for the better.

Acting as Her Own Hero

Sangita used inspiration from PMC-Nepal’s “Hilkor” to communicate she wished to delay her marriage and stay in life skills classes.
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High Impact Issues

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