Improving the lives of women and girls

At its heart, PMC is a women’s rights organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being and status of women and girls around the world. And by serving women and girls, PMC also serves the rest of humanity and the Earth.

Millions of women around the world can’t read, have never been to a doctor’s office, and are not considered equal to their husbands. The need for change is obvious. Women and girls around the world are robbed of social power and self-determination. We must eradicate these injustices by fighting against things like female genital mutilation, rape, and child marriage.

The future depends largely on the investments made right now in women’s rights. PMC works to advance gender equity, girls’ equal access to education, and reproductive health. When we empower women, we allow them to determine the future of their lives. We improve the health of individuals and families. And we create a world where women can control the number of children they have.

Empowering women and girls would be a wonderful moment in the evolution of human-kind — and would propel our ability to solve other crucial social and environmental challenges.


In Mali, belief that women could work outside of the home was 53 percent higher than it was before PMC's broadcast.

Issues Addressed in PMC Dramas

PMC's serial dramas address multiple, interconnected issues in storylines that spread over many episodes. The issues selected for each drama depend on the audience. The following are issues relating to the rights of women and girls that PMC addresses.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Overall Health


Entertain. Educate. Empower.

How does PMC’s entertainment impact deeply entrenched beliefs and behaviors – like those relating to the health and rights of women and girls? Audiences are simultaneously entertained and inspired by carefully designed storylines and role models.

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