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New Whitepaper: Slowing down & stopping world population growth

Discover how social norms drive the population problem – and offer powerful solutions.Read Population Media Center’s complimentary white paper to learn about the socio-cultural drivers of world population growth.

New Whitepaper

PMC’s Role in the Sustainable Development Goals

When somebody thinks about how the global community might achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), it is unlikely their next thoughts would be about watching television – but at PMC we think that’s a very powerful idea.

As noted in the SDG “Declaration,” the outcomes of major UN conferences and summits have laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development agenda, including the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development which says that “Governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector should make greater and more effective use of the entertainment media, including radio and television soap operas and drama, folk theatre and other traditional media to encourage public discussion of important but sometimes sensitive topics…”

PMC couldn’t agree more. And if the world is to build peaceful, healthy societies and successfully address climate change by 2030, implementation of the SDGs must start moving at a faster pace. Clearly, as communications technologies, TV, web, and radio are powerful media platforms for imparting information cost-effectively to enormous audiences. Although PMC’s entertaining shows can support all 17 goals, we focus most strongly on 3. Good Health and Well-Being; 4. Quality Education; 5. Gender Equality; 6. Clean Water and Sanitation; 10. Reduced Inequalities; 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities; 13. Climate Action; 14. Life Below Water; and 15. Life on Land.

Social norms around gender can be changed

Education is key for economic independence

Children deserve the chance to play

Entertainment can change lives

“I have five girls. A doctor told me I would die if I continue to give birth. My husband insisted that I continue to bear children for him…In Yeken Kignit I heard how a couple ought to discuss such matters. After that, we agreed that we would have no more children and we would do our best to give proper care to those we have… Now I am taking birth control injections regularly. I have regained my health.”

Yeken Kignit listener, Ethiopia

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