Our Approach

PMC strives to improve the health and well-being of people around the world through entertainment-education. We are experts in behavior change communications and our work has impacted more than 50 countries.

PMC’s primary activity has been to create long-running serial dramas for radio, TV, and the web that engage audiences with authentic characters and culturally appropriate challenges and opportunities. Wherever we work, the serial dramas are the result of local producers, directors, writers, and actors, who understand their own culture better than we ever will.

PMC also provides training and advising for other media productions and effective mass-media communications – all focused on entertainment-education that uses PMC’s methodology to create culturally-specific stories with characters that model behavior.

It’s our job to share culturally-appropriate health, human rights, environmental, and economic information with large groups of people in entertaining ways. People will, and should, make their own decisions. This methodology and approach is effective, cost-effective, and, most importantly, mirrors our organizational values. Not only do we protect the people and planet of tomorrow; we improve the lives of people today.

In addition to PMC’s primary activities, PMC also works on issues advocacy on behalf of the issues we address. We have a number of communication initiatives designed to raise awareness about these issues domestically and internationally.

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