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What Causes Population Growth?

In a word: inequity. The keys to impacting population growth depend upon improving reproductive health, reproductive autonomy, and women’s and girl’s social status and self-determination. This is the heart of our commitment. We must realize women’s and girl’s human rights.

Within that framework, we work to destigmatize voluntary family planning, correct misinformation about the safety and efficacy of modern contraception, dismantle patriarchal opposition to contraception, and educate parents about the many health and economic benefits of smaller families.

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Addressing the rights of women and girls

We can improve reproductive health, reproductive autonomy, and women’s and girls’ social status and self-determination. And we must.

The Podcast

A limited series podcast to help you better understand what a world of 8 billion people means for the planet, the environment, and the future of our diverse societies.


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