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Healthier Populations, Healthier Planet

In order for Earth to thrive, humans must thrive in balance with nature. By addressing the most pressing, fundamental threats to global sustainability where it matters most—in human hearts and minds—we must inspire entire communities to choose a healthier, more equitable, and flourishing world for all.

As the non-profit and broadcast production partner working toward global sustainability, Population Media Center is focused on conducting activities, programs, and communications campaigns that provide immediate and transformative opportunities for the people of today.

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The Issues

Population Media Center works across a wide array of social and environmental issues, with special focus on the following:

The Podcast

A limited series podcast to help you better understand what a world of 8 billion people means for the planet, the environment, and the future of our diverse societies.

Population FAQs

Working on Population ethically

Horrific human rights abuses have been done in the name of “population.” At Population Media Center, we do not try to “limit” or “control” population. We work against oppressive practices like gender inequity, low rates of girls’ education, gender-based violence, and child marriage. After all, any practices that rob women of social power and self-determination raise global fertility. We also destigmatize voluntary family planning, correcting misinformation about modern contraception, dismantling patriarchal dominance, and educating parents about the health and economic benefits of smaller families.


Join us in promoting the equitable, sustainable world we’re all fighting for, one action at time.
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