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Ready, Set, Play. BREAKAWAY is an innovative video game and mobile phone application designed to address violence against women, bullying, and gender equality. Users play as their own football (U.S. soccer) player avatar. The challenge? Decisions players make off the field ultimately determine their performance in football games. The game, along with supplemental curriculum and in-person camp experiences, has successfully reached youth around the world since 2010.
“I would like to congratulate Population Media Center and Champlain College. I am very proud that this game came a long way and it’s been implemented throughout the world.”
– Aminata Touré,
Former Prime Minister of Senegal
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BREAKAWAY has shown me that it is not about how good your soccer skills are. It is about attitude, teamwork, and determination. What you do when you are not on the pitch is important as well.”
– Foluso, 13,
“We were able to see the players have a better understanding of gender rights and why girls have the right to play and be equal as boys.”
– Mahmoud Jabari,
BREAKAWAY South Africa Team Leader

Making A Difference

BREAKAWAY, PMC’s innovative video game, addresses harmful social norms for all players. To extend the impact, youth camps began in June 2012 in the city of Hebron in the West Bank. Over the years, a variety of camps and gameplay in 150 countries increased participants’ awareness, knowledge, and attitudes regarding gender inequity and gender-based violence.

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Listen to people first-hand, including the former Prime Minister of Senegal, talk about PMC’s innovative video game, BREAKAWAY.
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BREAKAWAY Facilitator’s Guide

In addition to the free mobile game, a premium and packaged facilitators guide is available. Intended for educators, coaches, and others who work with youth aged 8-15 in both school and non-school settings to navigate the game in a group environment allowing youth to reflect on their experiences. The facilitator’s guide includes: group physical activities, discussion questions, activity sheets ranging from word searches to creating rap lyrics to comic strips, and game screenshots that identify both positive and negative moments in the game related to the issues.

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