Naedetai ("Let’s Stop, This is Enough") was a radio magazine that premiered in November of 2007 and aired once per week through December 2009. Seventy-five episodes of this 15-minute radio magazine were aired in the Afar language. It went on the air again from October 2011 through June 2014, airing 132 new episodes.

Naedetai was one component of the 2007-2015 Female Genital Mutilation Whole Society Strategy effort to address Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia. The series aired on the National Service Radio of Ethiopia. It was produced in the Afar Region and included short plays, interviews, storytelling, and narration. Other elements of the Whole Society Strategy supporting the 2007-2015 Female Genital Mutilation Project were a radio talkshow, Gudayachen (“Our Concern”), another radio magazine, Igaddaa (“We Do Not Want It Anymore”), seven Capacity Building Training Workshops, and four books, Yemaleda Shekim (“Burden at a Tender Age”), Yaltenabebu Libotch (“Incongruous Hearts”), Wurse (“Inheritance”), and Mulu Sew (“The Complete Personality”). In addition to these components, PMC has produced TV and radio spots and leaflets in three languages (Amharic, Afar, and Somali).

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PMC’s radio magazine Naedetai offered listeners diverse ways of learning about harmful traditional practices in Ethiopia, especially female genital mutilation.

Making a Difference

Naedetai allowed for people to interact with important social and health messages in a variety of formats. Its diversity (interviews, storytelling, etc.) kept it continuously interesting and engaged audiences.

Project Information

Title: Naedeti (“Let’s Stop, This Is Enough”)
Format: Whole Society Strategy – Radio Magazine
Location: Ethiopia
Language: Afargna
Duration: November 2007-December 2009 and October 2011-June 2014

PMC Country Staff:
Country Representative: Dr. Negussie Teffera

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