Population Media Center (PMC) has played an essential role in Mexico through serialized radio and television dramas. These dramas aim to promote positive behavior change and empower communities. PMC’s programs in Mexico have tackled topics such as family planning, gender equality, reproductive health, and environmental sustainability. By engaging local writers, actors, and producers, PMC ensures that the content is culturally relevant and resonates with the audience. The organization’s efforts have contributed to increased awareness, changed attitudes, and improved outcomes in the targeted areas across Mexico.

Country Director

Natalia Cereser
Country Director, PMC-Guatemala

Welcome to PMC-Guatemala


At the heart of PMC-Guatemala’s transformative initiatives lies “Toma Mi Mano” (“Take My Hand”), a captivating 156-episode radio show that originally aired from March 2018 to September 2019, reaching audiences across all 22 states of Guatemala. Now, in 2024, this acclaimed program is poised to extend its impact and is gearing up for a launch in the United States. Alongside this, PMC-Guatemala has played a pivotal role in empowering youth through programs like BREAKAWAY Summer Camps and pilot programs, which have left a lasting impact on communities worldwide, from El Salvador to South Africa. With a rich tapestry of projects aimed at driving social change, PMC’s presence in Guatemala reflects a commitment to empowering communities and shaping a brighter future.

“BREAKAWAY taught me valuable lessons on preventing bullying and standing up for others, regardless of their gender.”
– 4th grade boy, BREAKAWAY participant
“We will bring this radio show to broadcast to change lives in Guatemala in a totally different way.”
– Natalia Cereser
“The game mirrors real-life situations and challenges, helping us understand the complexities of society in a fun way.”
– 4th grade girl, BREAKAWAY participant
“I think it’s interesting how the different stories are developing… they’re a reflection of life and our culture.”
– TOMA MI MANO listener

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