Population Media Center (PMC) has played an essential role in Mexico through serialized radio and television dramas. These dramas aim to promote positive behavior change and empower communities. PMC’s programs in Mexico have tackled topics such as family planning, gender equality, reproductive health, and environmental sustainability. By engaging local writers, actors, and producers, PMC ensures that the content is culturally relevant and resonates with the audience. The organization’s efforts have contributed to increased awareness, changed attitudes, and improved outcomes in the targeted areas across Mexico.

Country Director

Cecilia Orvañanos
Country Director, PMC-Mexico

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In Mexico, our initiatives “Toma Mi Mano” and “Vencer el Miedo” showcase our  commitment to using media as a force for social change, addressing critical issues like reproductive health and gender-based violence. “Toma Mi Mano” aired on Radio Huayacocotla, reaching 600,000 listeners across seven states with stories that educate and inspire action, enriched with new epilogues and partnerships with organizations like MEXFAM to promote reproductive health. Meanwhile, “Vencer el Miedo,” co-produced with Grupo Televisa, captivated millions with its high viewership, tackling topics such as teen pregnancy and sexual assault, proving that engaging storytelling can harmonize with meaningful social messages. These projects, by fostering dialogue and connecting people to vital resources, underscore our dedication to sparking positive change and community engagement through the power of media in Mexico.

“In addition to making entertainment, we are doing a job that can leave something positive in the  people who come to see it.”

Paulina Goto, who played Marcela Duran in Vencer el Miedo

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