Join us. Join her! For The Rights of Women & Girls.

Using our theory-driven, progressively oriented entertainment programs, we focus our work to improve the rights and status of women and girls across several important human development domains. We specialize in improving reproductive health, reproductive autonomy, and women’s and girl’s social status and self-determination. This is the heart of our commitment to helping population growth stop. By realizing women’s and girl’s human rights.

Within that framework, we work to destigmatize voluntary family planning, correct misinformation about the safety and efficacy of modern contraception, dismantle patriarchal opposition to contraception, and educate parents about the many health and economic benefits of smaller families.

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Animation Girl with Radio

Population Media Center (PMC) understands that the population issue is nested within a much larger, much more profound problem: the overexploitation of the Earth by humanity, also known as ecological overshoot. We can see the symptoms of this overshoot everywhere we look, from climate change, to species extinctions, to ocean acidification, to any number of poorly performing environmental health indicators. It all relates back to collective overexploitation of Earth by humans.

Our Future Depends On Hers

The truth is that if humans were ethereal beings, who had no impact on the natural systems they are a part of, then there would be no problem with any number of people on the planet. Our concerns about population size and growth are rooted in our commitment to the long-term wellbeing of humanity, the health and integrity of Earth’s ecosystems, and the rights of other species to live freely and prosperously. We love people and planet and want the best possible life for everyone.