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PMC’s Founder Bill Ryerson Announces Next Steps for His Role and PMC

William Ryerson, MPhil Jul 04, 2024

Dear PMC Community,

It was 26 years ago that I created Population Media Center.

Our vision of “a sustainable planet with equal rights for all” can sound like an impossible task, but those of us doing this work every day know there are effective – and realistic – ways to work toward this goal.

Today, we celebrate a milestone. Population Media Center (PMC) has resolved to work in new ways toward our vision. As part of this exciting next chapter of PMC, I will be changing my role to focus on being a powerful ambassador for PMC and our mission – because the mission is still critically important, and our existence on this planet depends on success.

My work will be multi-faceted in my new role as Founder and President Emeritus. My role will shift in the coming months when we hire a new President & Chief Executive Officer, who will bring additional strengths, perspectives, and the same dedication to raising global sustainability through community empowerment—by telling transformative stories.

Our award-winning, popular entertainment for TV, radio, and the web are positively life changing. We know we address the most pressing, fundamental threats to global sustainability where it matters most—in human hearts and minds.

I take great pride in a tapestry of achievements woven by our incredible global community, and you have been a vital member of our worldwide team turning popular entertainment into a force for universal good. Together, we are shaping a future filled with hope, equality, and opportunity.

In this next chapter, PMC will reach more people and inspire more communities. As I prepare for a flight on Friday to visit with partners, funders, and the PMC team in Zambia, I know that the most exciting and difficult journeys still lie ahead. Thanks for being here with us.

Best wishes,



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