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Show Launches in Mexico: More than 3 Million Tune In Daily

Feb 18, 2020

Lights. Camera. ¡Acción! On January 2oth, film reels rolled and cameras flashed as Vencer el Miedo (“Overcome the Fear”) launched to dramatic fanfare in Mexico. The co-production of Population Media Center (PMC) and Televisa set out with a sky-high goal: to captivate viewers across Mexico while inspiring social change, addressing challenges affecting young women across the nation.

And by all accounts, Vencer el Miedo has reached and surpassed every expectation so far. While the telenovela was expected pre-broadcast to reach 2.5–3 million regular viewers, it has since captured the attention of over 3 million each day. Audiences just can’t get enough, tuning in nightly to see the latest moment of heat between Marcela (played by Paulina Goto) and her two suitors, bad boy Rommel (Emmanuel Palomares) and mysterious Omar (Danilo Carrera), or the next peak in tension as Inés (Arcelia Ramírez) struggles in a relationship fraught with abuse. Vencer el Miedo’s popularity has launched it to #1 in its timeslot and #3 for open TV nationwide. And it still has a month of broadcast until its climactic finale.

“PMC is thrilled to be partnering with Televisa to bring compelling stories into homes throughout Mexico,” says Kriss Barker, PMC’s Vice President of International Programs. “This show offers a lens into gender inequality through four unique characters and powerful scenarios that promise to raise awareness and get people talking.”

Televisa is the largest mass media company in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. They have 253 local television stations in Mexico (54.8% of the total commercial stations).

The long-term goal of creating social change with audiences that evolve with the storylines will take longer to determine with research, but both producers have a successful history of developing social impact entertainment. Population Media Center has produced television and radio for social good in over fifty countries worldwide, and Televisa broadcast many of Miguel Sabido’s highly successful social content telenovelas when he was the media company’s Vice President for Research.

Vencer el Miedo concludes on March 22nd, 2020. If you’re in Mexico, you can stream episodes now on Las Estrellas and keep up with the cast and news on Facebook and Instagram.

“We’re excited to say Vencer el Miedo will soon be broadcast in Latin America and the United States,” says Barker. “The diverse characters, the music, and the tremendous production quality set the show up for success with audiences around the world.”