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Vencer el Miedo Wins Four TVyNovelas Awards

Nov 02, 2020

And the winner is… Vencer el Miedo!

Vencer el Miedo (“Overcome the Fear”), a telenovela co-produced by Population Media Center (PMC) and Grupo Televisa, was written to make a positive impact on the lives of viewers through an engaging and emotional storyline – all while integrating social messages into the story without compromising entertainment value.

The show is a commercial success for PMC and Grupo Televisa as it rose above expectations with an average of 3.5 million daily viewers during its broadcast from January to March 2020. Not only did the show reach viewers and start conversations around sexual reproductive health, but it has also solidified its spot in the Mexican television landscape with nine TVyNovelas nominations and four wins – proving that shows with a social impact focus can garner great industry success.

The Vencer el Miedo cast and crew won its four awards during the live TVyNovelas broadcast on October 31, 2020. Including awards for best first actor and best first actress.

Arcelia Ramírez, who played Inés Durán, won best first actress.

Arcelia Ramírez, who played Inés Durán, won best first actress.

Arcelia Ramirez speaks on TV

Alberto Estrella won best first actor for his role of Vicente Durán.

Alberto Estrella speaks on TV

Jade Fraser won in the best co-starring actress category for her portrayal of Christina Durán.

Jade Fraser speaks on TV

Vencer el Miedo also picked up the top award for best musical theme. The theme, ROMPE, was written and performed by Paulina Goto.

Benjamin Cann accepts an award on stage

Vencer el Miedo Director Benjamín Cann accepting the best musical theme award on behalf of Paulina Goto.

Other nominations for Vencer el Miedo included best telenovela, best female villain, best male villain, best actress, best actor, best co-starring actor.

Vencer el Miedo, which had the highest viewership numbers of any show in its timeslot, was designed with characters and storylines focused on the issues of gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, reproductive healthcare, and sexual assault.

One indicator of the show’s success was data collected from the OrientaSEX hotline — an educational hotline launched in conjunction with the show and operated by professional counselors from MEXFAM (Mexico’s Planned Parenthood affiliate). OrientaSEX received a weekly average of 2,868 calls. Survey data concluded a majority of callers found the hotline through Vencer el Miedo as the hotline number was displayed on-screen at the end of each episode.

PMC has been creating media for social impact for over 20 years in more than 50 countries, creating hit entertainment like Emmy-nominated East Los High, which led to more than 27,000 people using a Planned Parenthood widget during the first month of airing.