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PMC changes behavior to improve the health and well-being of people around the world using entertainment-education. Soap operas, it turns out, can change the world.

Population Media Center (PMC) creates serialized dramas, also called soap operas, on radio and television in which characters evolve into role models for the audience for positive behavior change, and the impact of PMC’s dramas are dramatic. PMC is a nonprofit, international nongovernmental organization, which strives to improve the health and well-being of people around the world addressing a variety of issues. Founded in 1998, PMC has over 15 years of field experience in behavior change communications with projects around the world.


Here’s a snapshot of why PMC is Unique:

  • PMC serial dramas not only get dramatic results, they’re incredibly cost-effective.
  • PMC’s approach builds in-country capacity and supports all local writers and producers.
  • PMC focuses efforts in countries and regions with the highest need.
  • PMC dramas role model behaviors; they don’t tell people what to do.
  • PMC uses multiple media to reach audiences and extend drama storylines.
  • PMC offers population as part of the solution to many global challenges, such as climate change.
  • PMC changes population projections by working to empower women, men, and children by addressing health and human rights issues, like ending child marriage and allowing girls to access an education.


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September 12 - October 24, 2017

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