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An entertainment organization that changes lives™.

Population Media Center’s (PMC) reproducible formula for creating hit entertainment works across people, places, and media environments and it’s designed to impact multiple social, health, and environmental challenges. We engage audiences, change ideas, and empower people to make better-informed decisions.

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Our Vision: A sustainable planet with equal rights for all.



To use entertainment-education and mass media to promote social and cultural change by addressing the interconnected issues of the full rights of women and girls, population, and the environment. Our goals are to empower people to live healthier and more prosperous lives and to stabilize global population at a level at which people can live sustainably with the world’s renewable resources.

Rights of Women & Girls

Promoting gender equality is at the heart of PMC’s work. Women and girls around the world are robbed of social power and self-determination. Eradicating these injustices, and empowering women and girls, is not only a crucial human rights issue that must be addressed, it’s also intricately connected with the world’s population and the creation of a sustainable planet.

Women & Girls

Global Population

Every second worldwide, five people are born and two people die, leaving three more humans to inhabit the earth. That’s approximately 150 more people per minute, plus the more than 7 billion people already here, who have a right to nutritious food, clean water, and fresh air. This trajectory of growth is unsustainable and has simple solutions: empower women and girls.


Environmental Protection

Understanding the environment strengthens decisions for today and tomorrow, protecting the lives of all species. We are faced with changing climates and landscapes. Local interactions and understanding of biodiversity, land and water stewardship, and lifestyle choices, including the empowerment of women and girls, must be addressed to live sustainably.


PMC creates powerful TV and radio shows that catalyze social norm change,
individual behavior change, and at scale demand generation.


PMC melds entertainment industry insight and behavior theory to create entertainment that is uniquely suited to work on deeply embedded, personal issues. New social norms and new individual behaviors, which may manifest as demand generation, create a feedback loop to drive sustained and dramatic change. PMC has completed broadcast of more than 40 shows in more than 20 unique languages, helping more than 500 million people live healthier lives in more than 50 countries.

Why is PMC the best partner for social norm change, behavior change, and demand generation?


Every PMC show includes monitoring and evaluation to assess scale and depth of impact.


Huge audiences and effectively addressing multiple issues makes PMC shows cost-effective.


Life is multi-dimensional. PMC integrates multiple, interwoven issues to role model realities and tell good stories.


PMC’s intervention is reproducible and agile, working across cultures, languages, religions, and media markets.


Addressing population through health and human rights enhancing methods improves the health and prosperity of families, while simultaneously lessening the harmful impact of humanity on the earth’s environment.

The  human suffering from excessive childbearing is staggering and preventable.

  • Around 300,000 women and girls die worldwide every year from pregnancy and childbirth – a figure greater than U.S. deaths in World War I, the Korean War, and Vietnam combined. Most of these women are in their teens and early twenties, forced by their societies into bearing children at a young age and far too frequently.
  • 1 in 1,000 women bleed to death each year during childbirth in developing countries. Tragically, many die within reach of medical facilities because their relatives refuse to allow them to be treated by male doctors.
  • At least 22,800 women die each year trying to end their pregnancies. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that 55.9 million abortions occur each year–49.3 million in developing regions and 6.6 million in developed regions. Many of those who survive self-induced abortions face life-long, disabling pain.
  • 23,100 women die from the agony of prolonged labor each year. And those are only the fatalities. Approximately half of the nearly 120 million women who give birth each year experience pregnancy-related complications, and between 15 million and 20 million women develop temporary or permanent disabilities resulting from their pregnancies that can be socially isolating, physically painful, and potentially deadly.

Add to that the exhausting burden of repeated pregnancies and births, and you have a global picture of suffering on the part of women that demands global response. What is infuriating is that these deaths and tragic injuries are almost entirely preventable.

Not only does reproductive health and family planning save and improve individual lives, it also helps save the planet.

An estimated 44 percent of births worldwide are unplanned and 22 percent are unwanted. PMC believes every child should be a wanted child and that women and men should be able to choose when and if to have children. Exercising this choice would impact the disastrous effects rapid population growth is having on worldwide issues like soil erosion, depletion of forests, food insecurity, increased flooding, overgrazing of grasslands, and species extinction. The rate of destruction is staggering and also preventable. Population growth of 82 million per year threatens the sustainability of the planet. Sustainability is the ultimate health issue and the ultimate human rights issue.

There is no more cost-effective use of charitable dollars than in preventing unplanned and unwanted births and reducing birth rates worldwide through information and empowerment.

Our programs make dramatic differences in the health and welfare of millions of individuals, as well as contributing to economic improvement in some of the world’s poorest countries and protecting the planet. PMC is helping people understand the importance of responsible parenthood, rights of women, education of girls, and communication between husbands and wives about the future of their families. A third to over half of new reproductive health clients coming into clinics in locations where PMC dramas are on the air say they are there because one of PMC’s serial dramas. If you would like to be part of this work, please donate now.

The work of PMC is helping prevent the needless suffering of millions around the world. Population Media Center is proud to be acting for change.

-Bill Ryerson

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