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With a global community of 8 billion people, we need a more equitable, flourishing world for all people and all ecosystems. As we look to write the script for our future, we focus on solutions that touch us all. Our goal is to help create the conditions for population growth to stop naturally and of its own accord, as soon as possible, while simultaneously improving the health and wellbeing of people today.

Two Crises, One Solution

8 Billion Opportunities

The world’s population reached 8 billion people in 2022. PMC used this opportunity to draw global attention to the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

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Population FAQs

Working on Population ethically

Horrific human rights abuses have been done in the name of “population.” At Population Media Center, we do not try to “limit” or “control” population. We work against oppressive practices like gender inequity, low rates of girls’ education, gender-based violence, and child marriage. After all, any practices that rob women of social power and self-determination raise global fertility. We also destigmatize voluntary family planning, correcting misinformation about modern contraception, dismantling patriarchal dominance, and educating parents about the health and economic benefits of smaller families.

Every Action Counts

To write the script for the future of Earth, we are addressing harmful social norms and empowering choices for women and girls, resulting in healthier populations. Our transformative storytelling approach gives women the ability to make their own choices, including deciding if and when to have children. Storylines written by local creative teams focus on destigmatizing family planning, correcting misconceptions about the safety and efficiency of modern contraception, and educating parents about the many health and economic benefits of smaller families.

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