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Since 1998, our award-winning, locally produced radio and video series—featuring relatable characters, familiar communities, and very real choices—have inspired planet-positive behavior change across 30+ languages, 50+ countries, and millions of lives. Combining behavior theory, media industry insight, and character-driven, culturally relevant storylines, our transformative approach empowers by entertaining. At scale. By popular demand. For global good.

We Know How to Tell a Great Story

“What’s really unique about PMC’s model is they’re taking the messaging and translating it into a dramatic format. So they’re engaging people at a much more emotional, and at sometimes visceral level.”
– Glenn Raynor, Jane Goodall Foundation
“Rarely have I seen health promotion efforts that put education and captivating story-telling as equal priorities.”
– Colin Adamo, Advocates for Youth
“The Community Radio Program with PMC is a great example of a USAID partnership to improve lives and health outcomes in Zambia,”
– USAID/Zambia Mission Director Sheryl Stumbras

Our Methodology

Trained in the art and science of transformative storytelling, our award-winning, locally produced radio, video, and web series are created from our Theory of Change.
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“I will be honest, the first time I listened to the story, it was a little difficult for me because I felt like they were talking about me, but again, that’s what also kept me listening because I was curious to know how the story, ‘my story,’ would end.”
– Agness, Zambia