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Global sustainability — once it is achieved — promises a renewed and flourishing relationship between humans and Earth. This just exchange demands a compassionate sharing of Earth’s precious ecosystems and an end to the overexploitation of our natural world. Population Media Center creates transformative storytelling to role model actions that create a chain of planet-positive impact that uplifts individuals, communities, and the environments we all share.


Our Future Depends on Hers

At Population Media Center, we focus on the rights of women and girls. The ramification of social equity and education for women ripples into numerous social, health, and sustainability spheres. A woman’s ability to decide if and when to have children empowers entire families and entire communities to live healthier and more prosperous lives. Women and girls are also some of the most impacted by climate change, and equipping them to be leaders in decision-making and stewardship of societal and environmental structures enriches our global creativity and problem solving.

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Raising Sustainability from Every Angle

In addition to addressing the rights of women and girls in our shows, we also address issues like biodiversity and habitat conservation, water conservation, farming practices, forest management, and climate change adaptation. It’s not enough to create protected areas (although that is important), we must also motivate individuals and communities to create long-lasting meaningful change in their behaviors and in their relationship with the natural world.

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8 Billion Opportunities

The world’s population reached 8 billion people in 2022. PMC used this opportunity to draw global attention to the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

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We Make Shows That Remake Our World

Combining behavior theory, media industry insight, and character-driven, culturally relevant storylines, our transformative approach empowers by entertaining. At scale. By popular demand. For global good.

How can Storytelling Save Wildlife?

More change for every dollar

Cent for cent, measure by measure, our hit shows generate more community-empowering, planet-positive behavior change for every dollar raised. We are a worldwide team of social scientists, artists, and advocates who turn popular entertainment into a force for universal good. From supporting women’s rights and healthy populations to encouraging greater social and environmental responsibility in a growing number of partner countries around the globe, our shows give more people more power to change their lives and communities for the better. Join us in promoting the equitable, sustainable world we’re all fighting for, one action at time. We focus on high-impact issues that improve lives today and build a more sustainable tomorrow. 

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Join us in promoting the equitable, sustainable world we’re all fighting for, one action at a time.
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