Welcome to InnovaLab, PMC’s innovation hub! At the heart of Population Media Center, InnovaLab sparks creativity and drives experimentation to tackle global sustainability challenges. As an integral part of PMC, InnovaLab isn’t an independent brand but the cutting-edge arm of our mission. It’s a dynamic space for visionaries eager to create groundbreaking projects and test scalable solutions. Join us in shaping a sustainable future with forward-thinking innovation and boundless creativity.

What Is InnovaLab?

Igniting Sustainable Change through Innovation


InnovaLab by the Numbers

InnovaLab ignites and drives innovation within Population Media Center (PMC), harnessing the latest ideas and technologies to address critical sustainability challenges. Here’s a snapshot of our impact and current projects:


Our Projects

Toma Mi Mano

Digital AudioNovella, U.S. A captivating digital audioplay addressing critical social issues within the U.S., designed to entertain and educate, reaching diverse audiences across the nation.

Papás Por Conveniencia

Television Series, Mexico A compelling TV series in Mexico that explores family dynamics and societal norms, driving meaningful conversations and fostering positive change.

Insaka Ya Bumi

PSA & Call-Ins, Zambia An interactive public service announcement campaign in Zambia, coupled with call-in segments, aimed at educating and engaging the community on vital health and environmental issues.

Comic Book Project, Zambia

Comic Book, Zambia
Utilizing comics to promote sustainable practices and address local challenges.

Miniseries Project, Zambia

Miniseries, Zambia
Inspiring action through thought-provoking storytelling on social and environmental themes.


Our team produces quality, impactful, local stories that
shift the narrative for populations around the world
and drive impact.