Alex Bozzette Fund

Alex Bozzette, our dear PMC colleague, passed away unexpectedly on February 1st, 2016. The Alex Bozzette Fund, created by Alex's parents, makes sure that Alex's work and infectious energy will continue to improve lives around the world.

In his brief time as a Program Manager at PMC, all of us were touched by Alex’s earnestness, his dedication, and his infectious energy.

As a Global Health Fellow in 2014, Alex served as the monitoring and evaluation officer for Agashi, PMC’s radio serial drama, and as coordinator for ShareNet Burundi, an information “node” providing up-to-date research results and resources to organizations working in reproductive health.

Because of the political unrest in Burundi, Alex was forced to evacuate before his tenure as a Global Health Fellow ended, but PMC capitalized on this unfortunate turn of events to engage Alex in our program management team at headquarters. Alex provided day-to-day administrative and technical support to our program in Burundi and also eagerly helped PMC to define our strategic vision and direction, a process we are continuing to pursue.

Alex’s insights were instrumental. Twenty percent of clinic patients in Burundi identified Agashi as what motivated them to seek health services in the second round of clinic monitoring and 96 percent of individuals reported listening to Agashi at least once in the first round of audience monitoring. In January 2016, Agashi was awarded a Global Media Award, which Alex accepted on behalf of the PMC-Burundi team.

Alex’s dedication to his work was unparalleled and that same enthusiasm translated into many other passions, including music, biking, running, and skiing. Your contribution can help us to honor Alex’s legacy.

“He loved fully and completely, was loved by many, and will be missed by all. We ask that you keep Alex and his passions in your minds and hearts going forward.”

– Carla Stayboldt and Sam Bozzette, Alex’s parents


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