PMC Works to Protect the Environment

We cannot have a sustainable planet without stabilizing population and changing the way people interact with the natural world. PMC works on both fronts.

Population increases by over 228,000 people every day — each person produces waste and needs sufficient land, water, shelter, food, and energy. PMC continually works to address the rights of women and girls because it is through this human rights agenda that population can stabilize.

Population stabilization is not a “silver bullet” able to guarantee sustainability on its own, but to PMC it is the most important (and the most cost-effective) because it simultaneously enhances human rights and impacts all other sustainability issues. Population is a powerful part of the solution to every environmental concern around the world.

In addition to addressing the rights of women and girls in its dramas, PMC dramas also addresses issues like biodiversity and habitat conservation, biodiversity mainstreaming, forest management, water conservation, farming practices, and climate change adaptation. It’s not enough to create protected areas (although that is important), we must also motivate entire societies to create long-lasting meaningful change in their behaviors and in their relationship with the natural world for the conservation of nature.

Population Is Part of the Solution

A population in 2050 of 9.7 billion people instead of 10.8 billion people reduces 2050 emissions by 16-29%


And reduces 2050 carbon use by one GIGATON


And is 1,000 times less expensive than implementing any technology solution.



Rights of Women & Girls

Environmental Issues Addressed in PMC Dramas

PMC’s long-running serial dramas address multiple, interconnected issues. The issues selected for each drama depend on the audience’s greatest needs. Our dramas always include elements related to the rights of women and girls and they often include environmental protection themes.

Entertain. Educate. Empower.

PMC produces long-running serial dramas that address multiple, interconnected issues with entertainment-education . National audiences are simultaneously entertained and inspired by carefully designed storylines and role models.

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