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Since 2016, PMC-Nepal has designed, written, and produced three full-length social behavior change radio shows with both national and regional broadcast partners reaching audiences in the millions. In addition to these mass media programs, PMC has worked with grassroots girls’ empowerment organizations to incorporate entertaining content and strategy into life skills sessions for out-of-school girls’ community theater programs.

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Our Projects

Mai Sari Sunakhari

By changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) helped to ensure that girls get to be girls instead of child brides. This nation-wide broadcast reached millions of listeners, young and old, to address entrenched gender norms, child marriage, inequity in education, and needed sexual and reproductive rights. With funding from The Kendeda Fund, PMC-Nepal collaborated with the Antenna Foundation to develop Mai Sari Sunakhari and braodcast across 40 stations nation wide.

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While originally developed for a nationwide broadcast in partner with the Antenna Foundation, Hilkor(“Ripples in the Water”) is now part of the curriculum at Janaki Women Awareness Society — a life skills educational center for out-of-school girls. Girls introduced to Hilkor are empowered to continue skill courses, delay marriage, develop non-spousal friendships, and priortize their own health.

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Rope Guna Fal

Acting together with UNICEF, The Kendeda Foundation, and Antenna Foundation Nepal, this year-long radio program addressed parenting practices, child marriage, sexual reproductive health, child marriage, and other social issues. By incorporating parent education and child marriage storylines into Rope Guna Fal, PMC and contributing partners aimed to move the needle on the attitudes and actions that contribute to early marriages.

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Community Street Theatre

Trained in community theater and the PMC methodology, 60 girls from the Janaki Women Awareness Society performed scenes from Hilkor live, bringing drama and modeled behaviors to life. PMC’s Community Street Theatre program reached more than 11,000 audience members and inspired action among individuals. When asked “to what extent did the performance spur you to take some action, or make change,” 75% of listeners answered “very much.”

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A Look at Impact

Acting as Her Own Hero

Sangita used inspiration from PMC-Nepal’s “Hilkor” to communicate she wished to delay her marriage and stay in life skills classes.
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