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Extending Stories and Impact

PMC extends the impact of the shows in targeted and strategic ways.

PMC executes large, comprehensive communication campaigns, with TV and radio shows serving as the featured, long-running content delivery channel. Supplementing this cornerstone social and behavior change communications (SBCC) product, PMC also executes extensive marketing activities, issue extensions, and story extensions. We get audiences to engage with us.


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Extending the Impact of PMC TV and Radio Shows


Story extensions

PMC’s Story Extensions are the epitome of cross-platform storytelling, making fictional stories come alive across different platforms and allowing audiences to engage with characters and storylines in a variety of formats to draw them further into the fictional world. The audience can interact with characters, develop emotional bonds, and learn in different ways.

Also known as Transmedia, Story Extensions provide the audience with a feeling of involvement, whether it’s extended scenes or a social media profile where the audience can actually “talk” with one of the characters. PMC shows weave together so many characters and components of life that the possibilities can be endless depending on the media usage and interests of the audience.

This deepening of the bonds and creating of peer-like relationships between the audience and characters strengthens the influence of the show’s positive role models, driving greater behavior change — enabling long-term behavior and social norm change.

Examples: character video blogs, fictional newspapers from the show, video games created by or played by characters in the show, comic books created by or played by characters in the show, in-character interviews, etc. (See the video at the top of this page featuring story extensions from PMC’s East Los High.)


Issue Extensions

PMC’s Issue Extensions are issue-driven and issue-focused to further discussion and understanding within the larger community context. They can have special appeal and orientation for the show’s audience, but they can also focus on ancillary audiences that are crucial for moving forward around specific issues.

Examples: Call-in shows around the issues, journalist trainings in pro-social reporting, community meetings about issues, etc.


Direct connections to services, information, providers

Some shows, particularly radio shows, are followed by epilogues that take 15-30 seconds to identify or discuss a resource available related to something demonstrated during that day’s show. This provides a direct connection to services that can be customized geographically for listeners. Epilogues can also be used to ask questions of the audience and get direct interaction with them about understanding or impact of the show that can inform how the show connects with them in the future.

For complex media markets and for many developing media markets, PMC uses “Resources” or “Take Action” pages on the show’s website and/or social media in lieu of epilogues. These digital communities provide a perfect place to keep contact information for online and offline products and services that reinforce the emotional content of the show and directs audiences toward additional information, services, and infrastructure.



Every PMC show benefits from market research, branding, positioning, and strategy. From the beginning of the project through the completion of broadcast, team members are assessing ways audiences want to connect. High impact broadcast placement and marketing plans for PMC shows are as diverse as the shows themselves, accounting for differences in culture, language, literacy, media, and lifestyles.




Population Media Center has completed broadcast of more than 40 shows in more than 20 unique languages, helping more than 500 million people live healthier lives in more than 50 countries.

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More than 60% of viewers said they referred East Los High resources to a friend

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PMC’s reproducible formula for creating hit entertainment works across people, places, and media environments and it’s designed to respond to multiple social, health, and environmental challenges. We engage audiences, change ideas, and empower people to make better-informed decisions.

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PMC TV and Radio Shows Are:


Every PMC show includes monitoring and evaluation to assess scale and depth of impact.


Huge audiences and effectively addressing multiple issues makes PMC shows cost-effective.


Life is multi-dimensional. PMC integrates multiple, interwoven issues to role model realities and tell good stories.


PMC’s intervention is reproducible and agile, working across cultures, languages, religions, and media markets.

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