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Crossing the Line, a 10-episode docu-style podcast, follows the incredible journeys of women, non-binary people, doctors, doulas, and advocates who traverse state lines, the law, and numerous barriers to providing or accessing safe abortion. These journeys occur as SCOTUS overruled Roe v. Wade, leading to one of the most restrictive and volatile times in almost 50 years for the fight for reproductive freedom in the U.S.
“With these first-person narratives, our listeners take the journey with individuals and those helping them navigate the path across family lines, emotional lines, and state lines.”
– Lisa Caruso, Executive Producer
Crossing the Line helps put the human reality of these restrictive laws in front of the American people.”
– Bill Ryerson, PMC President & Founder

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What’s at Stake

The numerous and egregious challenges accessing safe abortion in the U.S., particularly for marginalized people, have rarely been documented in a doc-follow podcast format. This series puts the listener in an individual’s shoes as they navigate untraveled roads. The identity of those seeking abortions will be kept anonymous.

Each episode features a unique first-person narrative of an individual seeking an abortion or those who work tirelessly to enable access. Stories begin when the subject chooses to terminate a pregnancy, seeks help from an abortion fund or support services, or travels far distances to a clinic for a surgical or medical abortion. Additionally, interviews with leading doctors, activists, and experts illuminate what is at stake as abortion deserts expand and rights are restricted.

It’s a series you need to hear.

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