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Democratic Republic of the Congo
Elembo ("Footprint"), a radio series packed with drama, high-risk sex, poverty, and friendship, entertained and educated hundreds of thousands of Congolese. While only costing $0.99 per listener, the locally produced show changed the way fans approached personal health decisions, giving more people more power to write the stories for their own future.

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Barriers to Birth Control

Access to contraceptives isn’t always the issue. Myths, misconceptions, and ingrained social norms deter acceptance and use of contraceptives.
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PMC produced Elembo (“Footprint”) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This 156-episode radio show aired from February 2015 through August 2016 in Lingala, one of the four national languages of the DRC, spoken in the capital of Kinshasa and in the Equateur and Orientale Provinces.

Elembo aired on eleven community radio stations, twice per week, in Kinshasa in Equateur province and Orientale province. Elembo is one of three unique shows aired in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Vivra Verra (“Time Will Tell”) was broadcast nationwide on Radio Okapi in French and Pambazuko (“The Dawn”) was broadcast in eastern Congo in Swahili.

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