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PMC produced Umurage 3 ("Inheritance for a Better Future") in Rwanda. This 81-episode radio show aired 54 episodes from June 15, 2020, to December 18, 2020. An additional 27 episodes will air from January-June 2021.

Umurage 3 built on the success of the Umurage brand and previous Umurage radio shows, which reached over 1 million Rwandans weekly. The third installment in the Umurage series airs across four radio stations, including one station that covers all of Rwanda and three region-specific stations. Episodes are also available online via YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

In addition to storylines on family planning and reproductive health, characters in Umurage 3 are faced with decisions on COVID-19 prevention. This directly reflects the reality in Rwanda, and the rest of the world, at the time of the broadcast.

“COVID-19 has put to a standstill most people’s plans, including our children going to school. Many of our young ones fall victim to people who lure them into premature sex as they stay home and are not in school. This gives them the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. We appreciate the messages in the Umurage drama and call upon parents to play their part as parents in passing on sex education.”

Sylvie, City Radio Caller

Making a Difference

It’s too soon to know the full impact Umurage 3 will have in Rwanda.


Title: Umurage 3 (“Inheritance for a Better Future”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Rwanda
Language: Kinyarwanda
Duration: June 2020 – June 2021

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Administrative Staff
Country Representative: Jean Bosco Kwizera
Finance Manager: Jean Claude Uwizeye
Administrative Assistant: Germaine Kayirangwa
Marketing and Communications Officer: Emmanuel Nuwamanya

Creative Staff
Producer: Alfred Tawahirwa
Studio Technician: Khaled Bizimana
Head Writer: Alfred Twahira
Writers: Anaclet Bagirishya, Laurence Ingabire and Terence Muhirwa

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Kagoyire's Storyline

Kagoyire is in a toxic relationship with her husband, Sakumi, when she reveals to him that despite COVID-19, she is seeking a divorce and claiming her share of property that she is entitled to. This revelation surprises and annoys Sakumi who requests Kagoyire abandon her plan for the sake of their daughter, Queen, who is pursuing her studies. Sakumi calls on Kagoyire to join him in the prevention against COVID-19. For this to happen, Kagoyire sets specific conditions and Sakumi also asks her to play a role in the prevention of their family contracting COVID-19 by following all preventive measures.

Mikwege's Storyline

Kanyange’s husband, Mikwege, is a 50-year-old businessman. He’s been told by family members to leave his wife when they are unable to have a child. This storyline builds on Umurage 2, which ended with Kanyange finally pregnant — with twins. In Umurage 3, Mukwege will try to counsel his brother, Kivumbi, who ended up in a correctional center.

The desire for more children leads to Saverina (Mikwege’s sister) convincing Mikwege he needs a son to continue his legacy. Saverina adds that this will be a way of proving if the kids are his since she heard rumors that Kanyange had a child with her cousin.

This conflict creates mistrust between Mikwege and Kanyange which results in a cycle of abuse and arguments over family planning. The couple’s disputes continue and Kanyange wonders if there is anything that can change her husband’s attitude toward family planning.

Papiyasi's Storyline

Papiyasi is married to Fatuma and serves as President of a Fishermen’s Cooperative (KOABAMI) at Lake Mitovu. Although Papiyasi is well educated, he also believes that women without money should not be able to voice their opinions in public.

Papiyasi tells his neighbor, Gasake, that he does not think his plan to have a civil marriage with his partner, Dancilla, is a good idea. Gasake disagrees and sticks with his plan for the civil marriage at the district offices once COVID-19 has ceased.

Papiyasi becomes jealous of Gasake and believes that a man has to rule over his partner at home and that the main responsibilities of a woman in a relationship are to give birth to children, be obedient to her husband, and accept whatever the husband brings home. He shares this ideology with another man, Kagimba, who also believes in women not voicing their opinions in public. What will come of all of this disagreement?

Issues this storyline addresses:

Kanyana is an adolescent girl in high school, but because of COVID-19, she is not able to attend school in person. Instead, Kanyana is at home following her studies on radio and TV. She surprises her father, Rugwe, and stepmother, Kabanyana, by asking questions related to sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19. While she asks the questions, her father and stepmother provide her with answers to the best of their knowledge and promise to seek out more information from helath experts in Nyarweya Village.

Kanyana is eager to know the answers to her health questions and begins to wonder who else she could turn to for answers.

Issues this storyline addresses:

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