PMC produces Umurage ("Inheritance for a Better Future") in Rwanda. This 156-episode radio serial drama will air from June 2017 through June 2018 in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages.

Umurage will air three times a week on eight different radio stations in Rwanda as well as uploading episodes to a Youtube channel. PMC has worked with a team of local administrators to create a Rwandan NGO, Umurage Communication for Development (UmC), to oversee production and development of this serial drama.

As with all PMC radio serial dramas, Umurage was created using PMC’s serial drama methodology.

“This is really an innovative and educative drama series which helps to promote positive heritage in communities which will undoubtedly build an environment free from violence against every child.”

Patricia Lim Ah Ken, Chief of Child Protection Section at UNICEF

Making a Difference

It’s too soon to know the full impact that Umurage will have. The goal of the drama is to address and create awareness around family planning, reproductive health, gender equality, child labor and trafficking, and a host of other social and environmental issues.

Project Information

Title: Umurage (“Inheritance for a Better Future”)
Format: Radio Serial Drama
Location: Rwanda
Language: Kinyarwanda
Duration: June 2017-June 2018

Administrative Team:
Country representative: Jean Bosco Kwizera
Marketing and Communications Officer: Emmanuel Nuwamanya
Finance Assistant: Jean Claude Uwizeye
Administrative Assistant: Germaine Kayirangwa

Creative Team:
Producer: Theodore Nzeyimana
Studio Technician: Khaled Bizimana
Head Writer: Alfred Twahirwa
Writers: Laurance Ingabire, Terance Muhirwa, and Anaclet Bagirishya


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Queen's Story

Queen, a teenager from Budembe city, lives with her parents. Her parents run a successful business and Queen is secretly in love with a boy they employ. Her close friend, who is active in the community and educates young people about sexual health, warns her against spending time with him since he is involved with drugs, sex, and alcohol. When Queen’s father is arrested, she moves in with this boy and despite the warnings of her friend, she starts drinking and having sex. Queen eventually learns that this boy and her mother were engaged in a sexual relationship, and they had framed her father to get him put in jail. She then starts to take her friend’s advice, gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and cuts off her relationship with the boy. Her father’s innocence is revealed and he is released from jail. Queen starts working with her friend to educate youth in her community about sexual health.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Saverina's Story

Saverina is a young mother from the village Cyuza. Saverina drinks alcohol and doesn’t eat properly while she’s pregnant and she eventually suffers a stillbirth. Saverina’s mother convinces her that her stillbirth happened because her sister-in-law poisoned her. Saverina grows cold toward her sister-in-law, not trusting her and refusing to listen to her advice about maternal health and the nutritional health of her children – who are growing ill. Saverina follows her mother’s advice and uses traditional medicine until both her children become so sick that she has to take them to the local health center. After this incident, Saverina realizes that she should not trust mother’s advice about traditional medicine and works with her husband to make sure her family has a balanced nutritional diet.

Yabesi's Story

Yabesi lives in Nyarweya village with his wife and two daughters. He and his friend own a bar and it’s this friend who convinces him that unless he has a son he will not be respected in the community. Yabesi picks up many of his friend’s negative behaviors, such as drinking, beating his wife, selling all his crops for traditional medicine, and believing that men are the naturally superior head of the household. Yabesi’s sister supports his wife, urging her to go to the police and report Yabesi’s abusive behavior. She also tries to tell Yabesi how damaging his behavior is to his wife. After Yabesi’s wife miscarries a baby boy due to physical abuse, Yabesi begins to change. He apologizes and makes amends with his wife.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Dancila's Story

Dancila lives in Murera with her daughter. Abandoned by her husband, she’s struggling to support herself and her daughter. Dancila has her daughter drop out of school to work for in her cousin’s bar, where her cousin secretly is involved with drugs and human trafficking. Dancila’s cousin convinces her that her daughter will make more money if she sends her away to work in the city as a housegirl and Dancila agrees. Dancila has a friend who is appalled at her choice to send her daughter away and have her work instead of being in school, but Dancila does not listen to him. When Dancila’s daughter suffers an accident, Dancila realizes the horrible conditions her daughter has been working in and takes her home. She begins to see the negative influences of her cousin, and understands that it is important for her daughter to be in school. Her cousin’s bar is exposed and shutdown. With the help of her friend, Dancila opens a small business and finds positive ways to support herself and her daughter.

Issues this storyline addresses:

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