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Zoukoutap ("To Limp") has flipped the script on social issues, like child slavery and family planning. The series launched in Haiti in 2013. Rhythms of Afro-Caribbean theme music, relatable characters, and shocking cliffhangers entertained and educated audiences as the series continued until 2020. Zoukoutap 3 had more than 550,000 loyal listeners tuning their radio dial to listen every week.
“Zoukoutap taught me not to mistreat your child or any child. The right thing to do is to put your child in school and to always treat other children as if they’re your own.”
Zoukoutap Listener
“I really love the show. It makes me laugh, just like it sometimes makes me cry.”
Zoukoutap Listener

Moving the needle on deeply rooted social issues takes time and is a more complex challenge than building a fan base. That is why a long-term commitment to an audience is crucial – and why PMC has broadcast three powerful Zoukoutap shows in Haiti.

Change Comes in Stages

How Zoukoutap listeners’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors changed over time.
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PMC produced the first season of Zoukoutap (“To Limp”) in Haiti in 2013. The Creole language radio show was such a success it was rebroadcast in 2014. A sequel to the program, Zoukoutap 2, aired from May 2015 to June 2016. Zoukoutap 3 aired from November 2018 to July 2020.

Although Zoukoutap means “to limp,” it is also the noise made by limping, like the scuffing on the ground. The theme song ends with a phrase that translates into, “we’re zoukoutap(ing) until we walk straight.”

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