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PMC is producing Zoukoutap 3 (“To Limp”) in Haiti. The 156-episode radio show airs November 2018 to July 2020 in Haitian Creole, a language spoken by over 90 percent of Haitians.

PMC is excited to announce the debut of Zoukoutap 3 (“To Limp”). This 156-episode series will celebrate the beautiful people of Haiti – while working to impact some of the unspoken challenges of Haitian society. It will be broadcast on three stations in Port Au-Prince (Haiti’s capital) as well as 27 community and private radio stations from all 10 departments of the country.

Notably, this is the third show to carry the Zoukoutap title and expand upon known and new storylines. PMC is so pleased to be continuing this important work with our Haitian colleagues. The topics addressed include sexual education, child protection, family planning, sexual and gender-based violence, and gender equity. This extends and builds on many of the health and human rights themes from Zoukoutap 1 & 2.

The broadcast dates for the Port au Prince medias are Tuesdays and Thursdays with a rebroadcast during the weekend. All other radio stations broadcast on Wednesdays and Fridays with a rebroadcast on weekends. Zoukoutap 2 reached 450,000 regular listeners and we expect to reach over 500,000 regular listeners with Zoukoutap 3.

As with all PMC shows, Zoukoutap 3 is created using PMC’s methodology.

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Making a Difference

Zoukoutap 3 addresses important issues in an entertaining way, which provides a very captivating form of education. It is too early in the broadcast to measure impact or listenership, but we expect to reach listeners with storylines that identify their rights and the rights of others.

Project Information

Title: Zoukoutap 3 (“Limping”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Haiti
Language: Haitian Creole
Duration: November 2018 – July 2020

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Administrative Staff:
Country Representative: Christina Guérin

Creative Staff:
Producers: Christina Guérin, Michel Vallon
Actors coach: Pinas Alcera
Studio Technician: Michel Vallon, Browns Louis-Charles
Head Writer: Caroline Louis
Writers: Charles Raphael Francillon, Joel Fanfan, Martine Fidèle, Joeanne Joseph.
Actors: Fen Josil, Madeline Pierre, Kathiana Milfort, Loudy Mezima, Mideline Richardson, Mitchella Larochelle, Martine Fidèle, Richard Vieux, Pinas Alcera, Cynthia Jean-Louis, Krystelle Tropnas, Emmanuel Didis, Jasmine Augustin, Claude Junior Cangé, Thaliana Lindor, Marie-Christophe Vallon, Dickens Princivil, Dieula Alexandre, Mackenson Brutus, Yvenie Paul, Louis Valdano, Samantha Normil, and over 20 secondary actors.


Johnny's Story

Johnny, aka ‘Jmix,’ 26, is a young radio host. His show of trendy music has a lot of listeners. He meets Dj Wiiizzz on his show who came to present his mixtape and also promote his next event: A beach party. The young men quickly become friends. Besides his Dj life, Wiiizz is a drug dealer. He uses his popularity and influence to plan drug deals. He and his friend, Deputy Bongas, commit many crimes, including rape. Johnny’s new friendship with DJ Wiizz begins affecting his life immediately. He loses his job because of a viral video of him at the Beach Party where he pressures women to go topless in a public space. Under the influence of Wiizz, he retaliates against his former employer by writing all kinds of insults aimed towards the CEO on the walls of the station. He loses the love of his life, Cynthia, as well as his friendship with Maggy, who was like a second mother for him. JMix finds himself in a pit from which he does not know how to get out. He stops working and becomes lonely. The gang members are trying to convince him to partner with them as a fellow drug dealer. JMix, with no one to turn to, has to make a series of important and life-changing decisions in order to redraw his future.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Claude Junior and Nadine's Story

Claude (known as Junior) and Nadine are in their 30s and have two boys, 5 and 3 years old. Family planning has never been a conversation for them. They “pay attention” to fertility cycles, but Junior and his older sisters, who are maternal figures with great influence over the couple, are always discouraging Nadine from using contraception. Ironically, out of Nadine’s fear of pregnancy, their sex life suffers due to not practicing a reliable method. But Junior’s sisters’ wishes are granted and Nadine finds herself pregnant, but her body is not ready and it almost costs Nadine her life. Junior and Nadine find themselves in great turmoil, surrounded by negative people, with only bad decisions to make until Nadine’s father reconnects with the couple and reminds them of family values. When these values are linked to “knowledge” they become a compass for their lives. This story shows the reality of family planning in Haiti: Myths, misconceptions, clichés, and prejudices surround the idea of any sort of contraceptive methods.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Myrtha's Story

Myrtha is 32 years old. She has a 9-year-old son Samuel. Three years ago she lost her husband and she now lives with her son and her new spouse, Sergo, and his daughter. Myrtha is a school principal and a very good teacher, and she is very attached to her work. The huge amounts of time she puts into her work makes her worry that she neglects her son. Sergo convinces her that a child does not need time — only food and correction (in the form of a baton). Myrtha’s negligence and her husband’s handling of Samuel risk harm for both Samuel and Myrtha. If not for Sergo’s daughter reminding Myrtha of her duties towards Samuel and her responsibilities as a parent, Myrtha could have made horrible choices for her son, which would have had an infinite impact on his life.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Steve and Stella's Story

Stella and Steve (18 and 19 years old) spend a lot of time together because they’re in the same band. They love flirting, and eventually end up dating. When the band loses its rehearsal room, they have to practice at Shaïna’s house — the ex-singer of the group replaced by Stella because of lack of discipline. The new environment has no supervision and no rules. Stella and Steve enjoy their new sex life, as do some of the other band members. Shaïna, jealous that she has been replaced, does everything she can to win back her spot in the group: manipulation, blackmail, and ruse. The rest of the band will have to learn their lessons, it seems, the hard way.

Issues this storyline addresses:

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