Rope Guna Fal Endline


An entertaining fictional radio show, Rope Guna Fal (“You Reap What You Sow”), engaged an estimated 325,026 Nepalis every week, costing PMC only $0.91 per loyal listener. Funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and The Kendeda Fund, and produced in partnership with Antenna Foundation Nepal, the show inspired loyal listeners to tune in every week for a year to hear what happened next in the 104-episode story. As you’ll see, these listeners became local change-makers along the way.

The full press release and associated stories about Rope Guna Fal’s impact can be accessed here.

The full internal impact report about Rope Guna Fal can be downloaded here. PMC makes the internal report available because of our commitment to accountability, measuring and transparently sharing our efforts and our impact. These internal reports are essential for PMC’s internal monitoring, evaluation, and learning and we hope making it widely available will contribute to all Social and Behavioral Change Communications researchers and practitioners.

This most recent project in Nepal proves that we can change hearts and minds if we engage people on the most human level – by telling transformative stories. Each of us is a story, and we should always remember that our story impacts the lives and stories of everyone around us. Give people options. We’re proud to say Rope Guna Fal shows the power of people to rewrite their own stories.