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2019 TV PMC Scholarship Announced

Feb 27, 2019

CineStory is excited to announce that E. Napoletano is the recipient of the 2019 Population Media Center (PMC) CineStory Scholarship. PMC will cover the cost for E. to attend the 2019 CineStory TV retreat held in Idyllwild, CA this March.

E. Napoletano hails from the outskirts of Houston, TX and a family that was never completely broke but not quite stable. Caught between ongoing custody battles and strict gender roles, E. found an escape – and ultimately, a career – writing uncensored stories about the spaces “in-between.” Her TV pilots focus on intellectually and physically muscular female-led stories and explore themes about being the “right kind” of woman, the often-toxic need to “take care,” and the mercurial dynamic between mothers and children. The humor is dark and, yeah, there’s swearing.

“The depth of characters and storylines in E.’s ‘Mother Nature: Flood’ pilot excites us,” says Lisa Caruso, Head of U.S. Content at PMC. “We are committed to authentic stories that illuminate contemporary and relevant issues. Gender roles and the empowerment of women and girls are central themes for us.”

As a way to cope with her own struggles in the “in-between,” E. launched a blog in 2007 that now garners an audience of thousands of social media fans and subscribers who follow her unapologetic accounts of everything unpretty. She parlayed this success into long-running magazine columns, two book deals, a five-figure-per-gig speaking career, and hundreds of bylined articles covering a myriad of subjects.

Freshly wed, E. works as a freelance journalist out of a curious walk-in pantry that makes it look like she’s part of the Resistance when on webcam. And she finds both adventure and delight in the spaces in-between.

“Great stories have always changed, and always will change, the social narrative,” says Lisa. “The script also takes place amidst the after-effects of climate change on a small community, aligning with our commitment to global sustainability. For many reasons, it’s a pleasure to support writers like E.”

E. is represented by Industry Entertainment.

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