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2023 Fall Newsletter

Dec 21, 2023


Dive into the world of Population Media Center (PMC) with our Fall Newsletter, featuring compelling stories, transformative programs, and insightful conversations. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Gloria Steinem’s Inspiring Talk: Relive our 25th-anniversary event with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Discover her thoughts on feminism, dismantling patriarchy, and advocating for women’s rights.
  •  Doughnut Economics: Learn about the innovative economic framework that balances people’s needs with the planet’s sustainability. See how PMC is embracing this shift for a fairer future.
  •  PMC’s Impact in Niger: Explore our project in Niger, funded by UNICEF, tackling child marriage through a radio show in Nigerian Haussa.
  •  Meet Christina Guérin: Get to know Christina Guérin, PMC’s Country Director in Haiti, and her work in creating positive change through radio.
  • PMC’s 2022 Annual Report: Celebrate 25 years of PMC’s dedication to global sustainability and women’s empowerment. Explore our achievements worldwide.
  • Zambia’s Radio Shows: Discover how PMC’s radio shows in Zambia are making a difference in the lives of over a million listeners and driving change in communities.

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