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Abortion is on the ballot and Population Media Center’s ‘Crossing the Line’ podcast shows how reproductive access can mean life or death

Cody Peluso Nov 08, 2022

Published on BusinessInsider on 11/2/2022

 As Americans head to the ballot box, the newest episode of Crossing the Line, an immersive documentary-style podcast and campaign produced by Population Media Center, humanizes the reproductive access debate that is playing out this election cycle. Through interviews about when pregnancy is a matter of life or death, the latest episode of the podcast tells the story of the potentially fatal impact of abortion bans.

This episode is especially relevant given new data released this week that shows the number of legal abortions is falling nationwide; abortion care is not just an important part of reproductive healthcare but a necessary component of holistic healthcare decisions.

“The reproductive freedom of women in America will be determined by this election,” said Lisa Caruso, Population Media Center’s Head of U.S. Content and creator of Crossing the Line. “Listen along to learn more about reproductive freedom and the journeys women and non-binary people take to access healthcare in Crossing the Line.”

Even before Roe was overturned, in many parts of the U.S., individuals seeking abortion healthcare traveled hundreds of miles, often across state lines, to get much-needed services. Crossing the Line is ensuring listeners understand the legal ramifications at the state and federal levels and what they can do to fight for women’s reproductive freedom. For example, in the Abortion 2.0 episode, movement leaders discuss the importance of abortion pills, debunk harmful myths about the pills, and break down how to get them and how to use them. The Crossing the Line impact campaign amplifies the voices of leaders on the frontline and resources like Plan C PillsAbortionFinder, and the National Network for Abortion Access.

“Now more than ever, we need to de-stigmatize abortion narratives and lift up resources and take action opportunities,” said Charity Tooze, Crossing the Line’s impact strategist. “The erosion of our rights will not stop with abortion; we must all get engaged.”

Crossing the Line recently won four Platinum MarCom Awards for Podcast, Podcast Episode, Podcast Series, and Social Ad Campaign. The podcast was also featured in Apple Podcasts’ “New & Noteworthy” section and awarded a free promotional spot by Amazon. Stream the latest episode across all podcast platforms. Listeners can learn more about how to access abortion care and take action at Population Media Center US Content Division

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