Female OBGYN stands in a mobile health clinic taking notes on a counter. Beside her is a patient chair, sink, and wall art promoting IUDs
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Watch: Connecting Communities to Local Health Resources

Feb 01, 2022

It’s just past midnight, and a family from Tlachichilco, Mexico, is waking up to start their six-hour journey to attend a mobile health clinic. This family, and dozens of other Toma Mi Mano (“Take My Hand”) listeners attended the clinic to access reproductive health services.

When equipped with the opportunity and knowledge to seek services, individuals are empowered to make life-changing, planet-positive decisions. The importance of this traveling clinic and the broadcast of Toma Mi Mano, which centers on reproductive health education, cannot be understated, as health information and access is scarce in the region.

We invite you to travel to Huayacocotla and meet Toma Mi Mano listeners making their own choices, learning about their health, and building their futures.

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