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Donor spotlight: pat hackbarth

Oct 31, 2022

Pat Hackbarth has a background in the arts. She has also been in the back of a plane to view polar bears in the artic. Pat is no stranger to fighting for a better community, a better world. Born in Upstate New York, her work, studies, and activism have brought her to many different corners of the world.   From her home in New York City, she supports organizations that are working for the rights of women and girls, protecting our environment, wildlife, and the lives of all people, wherever they live. To supporters like Pat, we are all one community because we all live on this planet we call earth, together.  

“I first became aware of Population Media Center several years ago when I received a mailing from them describing their radio shows and the impact they had on listeners. I had been concerned about global population growth for a long time but had been frustrated by the limited results of simply making birth control available to underserved communities.” 

Pat Hackbarth

Like so many other activists, donors, and supporters, Pat knows that access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services is not always the problem women and girls across the world face. Instead, women and girls are held back by societal, institutional, governmental, familiar, and even religious barriers.  Population Media Center (PMC) creates transformative radio, television, and web series to change behaviors in communities on nearly every continent.  The issues addressed in PMC’s work are aligned well with issues Pat and so many others hold near and dear to their hearts.  

According to Pat, “PMC’s approach immediately piqued my interest, because it seemed to offer a way to engage communities themselves in addressing this problem.  And it did so by simultaneously addressing several other related issues, including keeping girls in school, delaying marriage, encouraging women-owned businesses, and promoting the right of women to have a voice in decisions about childbearing.  It was a wonderful discovery that by promoting the rights of women and girls, it was possible to have fewer births and healthier children.” 

PMC doesn’t simply work on a single problem, in a single community, we work locally in communities to address behavioral change across a wide spectrum of complex and inter-woven issues. Promoted heavily and delivered via popular broadcast media, PMC shows reach entire communities – cutting across socio-economic, gender, educational, and other cultural strata – catalyzing individual and communal change.  

“It also seemed to me that these achievements were brought about by an approach that had a very reasonable budget for the size of the impact. I feel as if I get a lot of bang for my buck when I donate to PMC. I’m also interested in other ways in which PMC has expanded the use of its radio dramas to address other issues, such as the recent partnership between PMC and the International Rescue Committee to create educational programs offering social and emotional support to children impacted by war and other crises.  I find it very exciting when two organizations that I particularly admire combine their areas of expertise to address a new challenge.” 

Pat Hackbarth

Join Pat and become a  PMC donor today. From supporting women’s rights and healthy populations to encouraging greater social and environmental responsibility in a growing number of partner countries around the globe, your donation gives more people more power to change their lives and communities for the better. Join us in promoting the equitable, sustainable world we’re all fighting for, one action at a time.


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“It’s my hope that donorship will continue to grow so that PMC can expand to more and more countries and take on ever more projects.  The benefits to the global community could be vast,”
– Pat Hackbarth