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Donor spotlight: samantha fowler

Nov 29, 2022

Samantha Fowler is a proud mom, by choice. Samantha has chosen to be a nurse – first in child psychiatry, labor and delivery and currently in the hospice field – because it allows her to serve her community. It allows her to connect with people when they are vulnerable, when they need a helping hand, when they need an open heart, or when they need someone to lean on. Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, Samantha is the mother to an eight-year-old daughter whom she is learning to educate and empower every day. Our future depends on hers. 

“A friend of mine shared a blog of PMCs’ on social media and I immediately found myself eager to learn more about the missions and values of this company. Just based on that initial blog, I could feel that PMC and I share so much common ground.” 

Only One Earth

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Samantha was influenced to support PMC because of our values. Our impact. And our impact is stronger with the support of people like Samantha, people like you, because our work only succeeds when we work together.  

“Sometimes when I think about the issues that surround us on a daily basis, like women bodily autonomy (or lack thereof) and climate change, I get tangled in what can I do? How can I make a difference? Or I feel like what I am doing isn’t enough. However, when I began to learn more about PMC visions and goals, I felt so much relief in learning that other people are making substantial impact through action. Especially goals that look to empower women, uplift girls through education, and creating sustainability among our beautiful earth. The values that PMC demonstrate through tangible action align deeply with my own values. I want to be a part of this community, contributing in what ways I can.”

At PMC, community means everything to us. From our community of activists, scientists, and creatives to the communities where we work – we couldn’t do what we do without community. 

“I love showing my friends the podcast and videos produced by PMC. They are informative and encouraging. I think this sparks inspiration and tends to help people turn inward to think about different ways to engage with others about these topics, behavior modification they can take, and sometimes just provide a new perspective.” 

Crossing The Line Podcast

Crossing The Line
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“I know I am not alone in feeling like there is more I could or should be doing. When I am asking myself these questions and being willing to open the conversation with people close to me, I am not surprised to hear that my friends ask how they could do more also. I point them to PMC. “ 

“One of my favorite quotes from PMC is ‘Our future depends on hers.’ This is so empowering for me as a woman, mother, educator, nurse, daughter, and sister. It is also empowering for my daughter who is eight years old. I am grateful to include and open these conversations about women’s rights and how to make our planet a better place with her. It’s so rewarding to watch her live out and build her own opinions and values. PMC takes action to provide education to young girls that empowers them toward a future they want and have the right to choose.” 

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