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‘East Los High’ On Hulu Is First English Language Show With All Latino Cast

Jul 16, 2013

Huffington Post

June 6, 2013

The video service Hulu is making history with the first English-language show with an all-Latino cast — the just premiered dramatic series “East Los High” about Hispanic students in a Los Angeles high school.

With Hollywood quickly acknowledging the potentially lucrative Latino entertainment market, the 24-episode scripted drama marks Hulu’s entry into the Hispanic viewer war – while throwing out old industry typecast notions about Latinos.

Producer/director Carlos Portugal has specifically given his writers three “no’s” for the series.

“The cast of “East Los High” will have no gardeners, no gang members and no maids,” says Portugal.

The series follows the lives of Latino teens and Hulu promises “there’s no shortage of drama.”

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