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Power Of The Donor Dollar

May 10, 2021

When it comes to making a donation, we know you have a lot of great charitable organizations and foundations to support. One of the best ways to ensure your donations have the largest impact is to choose organizations that address multiple interrelated concerns—global impact on a monumental scale. Have you ever wondered about the power your donation will have and how it will impact causes that PMC invests in once you have entrusted it to us?

We created this document to share exactly where your money is going when you give to PMC. In The Power of the Donor Dollar, you’ll discover information about:

  • The impact of your dollar on family planning, gender equality, girl’s education, and beyond
  • The in-country teams who work tirelessly to address major sustainability challenges like the rights of women and girls, environmental protection, and population growth
  • The roles of different departments’ work to achieve PMC’s mission
  • An overview of the many ways every donation makes an impact
  • And more!

You can download the FAQ by filling out the form.

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