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First Annual #GETREEL Campaign Success

Nov 01, 2017

Population Media Center (PMC) launched its first annual #GETREEL campaign this fall. The 6-week effort was designed to increase awareness about the realities faced by women and girls and raise $200,000 for addressing gender inequality around the world. #GETREEL ran September 12 – October 24 and succeeded in reaching thousands of people and raising more than $240,000.

“The #GETREEL campaign was a great opportunity for PMC to show current and potential donors how our unique approach to entertainment can #ChangeHerStory,” said Jeff Burrow, PMC Board member and Development Committee chairman. “We can empower women and girls around the world to live happier and healthier lives.”

The more than 130 donors to the campaign were a combination of both new and long-standing organizational donors. PMC also benefited from active volunteers in Africa, Latin American, the UK, Australia, and the United States.

“Thanks to everyone who helped out with the campaign, including PMC staff, my fellow board members, and especially our donors and volunteers who helped us exceed our goal,” said Burrow. “Because of all of you, lives will be changed for the better.”

Each week of #GETREEL was dedicated to a different theme, with short videos helping to elucidate the week’s unique focus. Sometimes the videos featured a key element of how PMC’s entertainment works (such as the second week’s Give Her Allies 1-minute video). Other times, they featured the challenges being faced by women and girls (such as the fourth week’s Find the Truth 1-minute video).

Although #GETREEL was successful for an initial effort, PMC knows that more must be done to promote education and reproductive health for women and girls around the world. With prominent scientists now studying and sharing how the health and rights of women and girls is a key component to environmental sustainability, PMC clearly has more work to do. We thank everyone for their invaluable participation and encourage everyone to continue their important work. We are excited to get to work on the campaign for next fall – to reach more people and make a bigger impact.


Population Media Center is a nonprofit leader in entertainment-education, dedicated to women’s rights and empowerment, population stabilization, and the environment. For the past two decades, PMC’s entertainment programming has promoted social and cultural change and has helped 500 million people in more than 50 countries.