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How PMC’s Theory of change impacts reproductive health

May 28, 2022

Impano n’Impamba (“A Gift for Today That Will Last a Long Time”) exemplifies Population Media Center’s time-tested storytelling approach, which combines relatable storylines, media-industry insight about the power of entertainment, and behavior theory. The result, in program after program, is highly effective, addressing even the most harmful, entrenched social norms.

The Rwandan radio series follows a young couple mixed with excitement and anticipation as they plan their wedding. An unexpected pregnancy adds to the stress — especially as they cannot agree on their ideal family size. Can they reach an agreement before the wedding? The dilemma is real, but the fictional characters are acting as role models for listeners facing similar conflicts in their own lives.

Fill out the form on this page to read how we applied our theory of change to a radio show in Rwanda and addressed complex social norms like reproductive health and ideal family size.

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