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In Memoriam: Sonny Fox

Feb 13, 2021

Population Media Center (PMC) is saddened by the loss of Sonny Fox. Sonny was PMC’s former West Coast Representative and worked with PMC’s founder and president, Bill Ryerson, before PMC was founded. Sonny served as PMC’s West Coast Representative from 2006 until 2013, organizing summits on entertainment-education and climate change that brought together powerful entertainment entities and public health experts. Prior to PMC, Bill worked with Sonny at Population Communications International, where Bill was Executive Vice President and Sonny chaired the PCI Board of Directors. Sonny died from Covid pneumonia.

Upon learning of Sonny’s passing, Bill shared one story of Sonny calling him in mid-2020, during the pandemic, to ask, “How are you old people doing?” and fondly recalled, “there are so many stories of Sonny’s wit, a full book would be needed to tell them all.”

You can see Sonny’s obituary in The New York Times.