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Join PMC in Celebrating Women’s Equality Day on August 26

Aug 20, 2019

On August 26, 1920, the United States Congress certified an amendment granting women the right to vote. The signing of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution followed a rugged 40-year history in which activists faced ostracism, brutality, and criminal records in their fight to procure women this fundamental right.

Ninety-nine years later, we celebrate this victory through Women’s Equality Day. It provides us a day to recognize the prevalent accomplishments that have arisen in the decades since. More than 300 women have served in Congress. We’re seeing recent historic firsts for many women in politics with regards to race and age at time of election. There are numerous areas in which we are still striving, but the successes continue to grow.

On Monday, August 26, please join Population Media Center in recognizing the historic achievements of the suffrage movement in the United States, and acknowledging areas worldwide where the battle for equal rights for women is still active today.

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