Portrait of Samikshya
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Listen to Samikshya Sing

May 12, 2018

Meet Samikshya. She lives in Kathmandu with her husband, brother, and sister-in-law in one small room with two beds, a stove, and a cupboard. She, like many in Nepal, got married too young. She listens avidly to Population Media Center’s Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) show, saying that it helps her to navigate life’s beauty and challenges as a blind young wife and mother. After she listens to each show, she downloads the program onto her phone. When asked why she does this for every one of the 208 episodes, she replied, “I always like to listen to it again. This drama is so dear to me that I want it with me always.”

Our only regret is that we couldn’t make this show for Samikshya earlier.