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MTV Latin America and Mexican Pop Sensation Dulce Maria Presented in Mexico City the Music Video for “Es un Drama,” the Theme Song for MTV Latin America New Novela “Ultimo Ano”

Sep 12, 2012

August 9, 2012

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — MTV Latin America held a press conference in Mexico City for their new novela, the psychological thriller “Último Año.” Dulce Maria presented her new music video for “Es un Drama” (#Esundrama), the theme song of the novela. MTV Latin America and released the video on Tuesday August 7(th) , at 8pm (Mex/Arg/Col) during the special “Making the Video: Último Año”.

The cast was officially presented at the press conference: Kendra Santa Cruz/Celeste (Mexico), Martín Barba/Benjamin (Mexico), Mauricio Henao/Martin (Colombia), and Iliana Fuengo/Fernanda (Mexico). MTV Latin America also announced that Último Año is co-produced with CadenaTres Grupo Imagen Multimedia and that Canal 28 of CadenaTres will be the exclusive platform of the show’s broadcast in open-TV in Mexico, with premiere date still to be confirmed. CadenaTres has released exciting shows such as las Aparicio, el 8vo Mandamiento and El Albergue e Infames in Mexico and Latin America.

“I am excited to officially present MTV’s Latin America first novela produced in Mexico and to announce our association with CadenaTres. We are sure that with our expertise in young audiences and their experience in producing novelas, this production will be a total success,” said Eduardo Lebrija, SVP of Production and Programming of MTV/Comedy Central/VH1 for VIMN the Americas.

“MTV Latin America is opting for the novela genre again, which is popular with our audience, and now our new novela, Ultimo Año, has a different story, an ideal cast and a strong musical component led by Dulce Maria”, said Fernando Gaston, SVP of Production and Programming in MTV/Comedy Central/VH1 for VIMN the Americas. “We are certain that this novela will connect with our fans in Latin America and beyond”.

“CadenaTres has brought different, exciting and successful series. For us, Último Año is a project that has been inspired by reality to create original and intelligent entertainment,” said Eric Reid, Director of Production of Fiction for CadenaTres.

“Último Año” is MTV’s Latin America third novela and the first of its kind to be produced in Mexico. The novela is slated to premiere on Monday September 3(rd) , 2012 and later in the US through “Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más”.

Último Año marks MTV’s first partnership with the NGO, Population Media Center (PMC), to integrate in its scripts and creative pieces, issues that may raise social awareness amongst the audience. Through the use of entertainment-education programming, characters will be developed to evolve into role models for the audience. Último Año will portray issues present in teenage lives such as of sexual health, contraception, HIV/AIDS and STDs, gender equality, cyber bullying, education and more.

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