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MTV Latin America, Population Media Center And The United Nations Population Fund Launch Multiplatform Campaign SexySex To Empower Young People On Sexual Health And Violence Prevention

Dec 03, 2012

Innovative Campaign reinforces “Ultimo Ano’s” objective of creating awareness around unprotected sex and domestic violence through celebrity-driven PSAs and a Digital Destination That Provides Methods of Prevention and Local Counseling Services across Lat

By MTV Latin America

MIAMI, Dec. 3, 2012 —

MIAMI, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — MTV Latin America, Population Media Center and the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) expand the social efforts of the network’s new novela, “Ultimo Ano” with the launch of the SexySex campaign. The new initiative encourages young people to get informed on the issues of sexual health and domestic violence, while providing a call-to-action. The multi-faceted campaign includes PSA’s featuring cast leads, sexual health trivia powered by and an engaging digital destination that includes video clips and exclusive photos from the novela along with available methods of prevention and accessible counseling services throughout Latin America.

“Ultimo Ano” introduces a first-ever initiative for MTV Latin America, uniting network writers and researchers from Population Media Center (PMC) to produce entertainment-education content, where characters were developed to evolve into role models for the audience, encouraging the adoption of healthier behaviors to benefit individuals and their societies. The new campaign aims to reduce the alarming statistics around teen pregnancy, sexual health, STDs and HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and child abuse among Latin American youth.

“Social responsibility is always at the forefront of our brand, and our content continues to serve as a credible and valuable space to engage, educate and help shift the mindset of Latin American Youth,” said Mario Cader-Frech, VP of Public Affairs  for Viacom International Media Network’s – The Americas. “In Colombia, women are experiencing domestic violence at a rapid rate and 1 in 5 births are a result of teen pregnancy – it’s our duty to empower young people with the right tools and resources to experience a more positive adolescence.”

“Population Media Center is excited about the success of ‘Ultimo Ano,’ and this unique private-public partnership with MTV, to create a telenovela and website that not only engages viewers but also brings real social issues to the center of the conversation between characters and audiences alike. ‘Ulitmo Ano’ has brought important issues like domestic violence, teen pregnancy, STD prevention, safe sex, healthy relationships, and cyberbullying to the surface, and our accompanying website SexySex provides audiences with real life information and resources on the issues addressed in the novela.  Audience’s throughout Latin America are commenting and writing about the impact and relevance of the social issues raised in the novela.” Katie Elmore Mota, Vice President for Communications and Programs, Population Media Center. 

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