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NEW PODCAST: Changing Ingrained Social Norms with the right messenger

Dec 01, 2022

Celebrities, Priests and Friends: Changing Ingrained Social Norms Is Possible with the Right Messenger

Even though scientists, doctors and experts constantly bombard us with well-meant advice about how we should live healthily and sustainably, this has surprisingly very little effect on our behavior. Until we see our friends, coworkers, or people we admire adopt new behaviors – being childfree, going vegan, or giving up a car – we will be reluctant to do any of these things for the fear that it would be socially unacceptable or just too difficult. Whether these role models are religious authorities who make it okay to use contraception, famous bodybuilders who are also vegan, or soap opera characters who support girls’ education, they wield power over their audience and can make healthier and more sustainable social norms more acceptable.