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Jun 02, 2022

We know that working on population is not necessarily a priority action for near term mitigation of the greenhouse gas emissions emergency and biodiversity crises. These problems must be forcefully addressed and largely solved far before the 30 or 40 years of hard work it will likely take to stop population growth.

We can, however, improve lives immediately — and significantly shift long term population trajectories. This can, and does, happen every day. For example in the Democratic Republic of Congo, audiences of PMC’s Pambazuko were 1.4x more likely than non-listeners to strongly agree, “Having a small family size will have less impact on the environment.”

In this eBook, we share a collection of blogs exploring the interconnectedness of population dynamics, the rights of women and girls, and our ultimate goal, global sustainability. Looking at these social issues and interconnected matters allows us to step back and examine globally. In truth, what humanity is doing doing to the planet—and to ourselves—does not make any sense. After all, the biosphere is what makes human life possible.

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