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PMC-Ethiopia signs mou with ethiopia epa

May 11, 2023

Population Media Center-Ethiopia (PMC-Ethiopia) and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Environment Protection Authority (EEPA) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on environmental protection issues. This MoU allows both parties to work together seamlessly in the preparation and submission of proposals, identifying and securing funding for projects and then implementing those projects.

PMC-Ethiopia, working in Ethiopia since 2001 and specializing in social and behavior change communications, has always addressed environmental protection issues as part of the wide range of social and environmental issues addressed with social behavior change media campaigns, with a special focus on entertainment-education. It only makes sense to work with EEPA, an agency of the Federal Ethiopian Government that is tasked with developing a system that ensures environmental safety. The two organizations see themselves as complementary environmentally-minded partners that can help empower Ethiopians to better understand and respond to environmental issues.

As part of their collaboration, the parties will jointly organize symposiums, seminars, workshops, and trainings. They will also work together towards the prevention and management of air, water, and soil pollution and other environmental threats to human health and ecosystems. It promises to not only be a powerful partnership for hands-on activities, but also for the exchange of scientific and technical information in the field of environmental protection.

To achieve their objectives, the parties agreed to cooperate based on practical, cost-effective, and timely principles. The MoU does not affect the parties’ rights to carry out their respective legal responsibilities and obligations and creates no additional legal obligations. The MoU recognizes existing agreements, frameworks, and arrangements each party may have with other groups and individuals and recognizes the right of the parties to enter into future agreements, frameworks, and arrangements.

One piece that is exciting for PMC-Ethiopia, is that the EEPA will give input into the design of new PMC programs as it relates to EEPA’s expertise and will also help PMC-Ethiopia explore new opportunities with donors, embassies, and international NGOs.

Together, the parties will be looking to expand funding and partnerships for PMC and EEPA joint projects, including the “Mobilizing Media to Protect the Environment,” which is a journalist capacity building program, and others. The two entities combined have greater influence to encourage interactions and foster collaborations among like-minded environmental stakeholders, other partners, and experts to create awareness about the environment and climate changes.

PMC-Ethiopia has a long history of working on sustainability issues in Ethiopia and this MoU with the EPA will allow us to create more programs throughout Ethiopia to address the pressing environmental issues in each and every community.

Jean Luc Dushime, PMC Ethiopia Program Manager

This collaboration between PMC-E and EEPA is a significant step towards addressing environmental protection issues in Ethiopia. The parties are committed to working together to promote environmental protection and achieve their objectives. They will continue to cooperate and exchange information to ensure the successful implementation of their joint projects.

PMC Ethiopia Signs MOU With Ethiopia EPA